Friday, 13 June 2014

how to increase internet speed up to 20%

What's up! Guys, Today's topic is how to increase internet speed up to 20%, which is very easy to do setup. If you are using Windows Operating System then there are steps to increase your internet speed.
Steps : go to START menu on the desktop then in the search blank just type “gpedit.msc” then hit enter then you will see a window like this below,

Then go to =>Computer configuration =>Administrative Templates =>Network, then click on the = QoS Packet Scheduler, At the right panel now you see an option called “Limit reservable bandwidth” like this below,
Just double click on it, then a window will popup. In that window see that Bandwidth limit should be zero if it is not then make it zero 
Or simply you can just click on “not configured” press apply & then OK button that’s it done, now your internet speed will get increased.

NOTE: [This setting will show big difference in slow internet connections only, please make sure do not change any other settings in registry editor unless you are a tech geek ]

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